Sample Histories 2

The sample histories listed below are from earlier Supplements and have been shortened in order to present more examples. The data in all supplements are generally in more detail.

Supplement 25

Brand Model Symptom Cure
Aomni AL321A7 Dead, no 5-volt standby voltage. C24 (100 mfd @ 50V) on power supply board.
Dynex DX-L42-10A No video, backlight was lit. U201 (AS15-U) on T-Con board.
Element ELEFT502 No raster, no backlight, ok audio. One defective LED strip.
Emerson LC260EM2 Dead, standby LED not lit.   F601 open. Q601 (K8A50D; shorted).
Hitachi 50HDA39 Raster ok, no video, no audio. Main signal board (PN A3X808CD20R).
Insignia NS-32D20SNA14 Dead, standby LED not lit. D15, D16 (both SB5200).
LG 42LK450-UB Dead. Main signal board. See next entry.
LG 42LK450-UB After above repair, Korean language. See page 15 of Supplement #25.
LG 50J350 Dead. Bad solder joints on T901 & on T902.
LG 55LV4400-UA Dead, red standby LED was lit. U14 (EEPROM).
Magnavox 32ME402V/F7 Dead. C3102 (surface-mount capacitor).
Orion SLED4668W Dead, power supply voltages ok. EEPROM.
Panasonic TC-P42ST30 Dead with 14-blink code. Q401, Q402, Q421, Q422 (all 30F131).
Philips 46PFL3908/F7 Dead. IC601 (FA5640N).
Philips 47PFL5432D/37 No video, audio ok. T-Con board (PN 9965 100 13208).
Proscan PLED5529AC Dead. Q1F, Q2F, D5F.
Proscan PLDED3272A-E No raster due to no backlight. L1.
RCA 22LB45RQD White horizontal streaks. Cleaned the LVDS cable.
RCA L32WD22YX5 Intermittent start-up. ZS3, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS5, CS6, CS7.
Samsung HPT5054X/XAA No raster, audio ok. Upper & lower buffer boards.
Samsung LN40B530P7N Washed-out video. T-Con board.
Samsung LN46B500P3FXZA Dead, standby LED was lit. Leaky tactile switches.
Samsung LN46C630K1FXZA Strobe effect. CP805 (2.2 mfd @ 50V).
Sanyo DP42647 Bright, white raster. U10 (AS15-F).
Sanyo DP42849 No raster, audio ok.  Backlight not lit. C327, C329, C330, C333 (all 33 pF @ 1KV).
Sharp LC-60LE820UN Comes on briefly then shuts off. Main board.
Sony KDS-60A3000 Green splotches, color distortion, lines. Optical block.
Vizio E552VLE Faint blue raster, no video, audio ok. T-Con board.

Supplement 24

Brand Model Symptom Cure
Apex LD4088 No raster, backlight not lit. C205 (47 pF @ 6KV)
Dynex DX-LCD37 Badly ‘solarized’ video. U10 (AS15F) on T-Con board.
Element ELCHW402 Dead. R820, R821 (both 15K, 3W).
Emerson LC320EMXF Dead. Reseated all ribbon cables.
Funai LF320FX4F Dead. Front-panel LED’s not lit. D660 (SL431A-AT).
Haier LE55B1381B No raster, backlight not lit. Audio ok. T-Con board.
Hisense F40V87C Screen flashes then loss of raster. C1, C2, C3 (all 470 mfd @ 35V; only one bulged).
Hitachi 42HDS52A Negative picture or horizontal lines. Main digital board (PN JP08536).
Insignia NS-P401Q-10A No raster, no audio. U5601 (FSQ0365RLS) on Y-main board.
JVC LT-47X579 Loss of raster after 20 minutes. T-Con board.
LG 42LG3-UD No remote control action. Main module.
LG 50PG20-UA Dead, F801 (5-amp fuse) open. C813 (.004 mfd @ 1KV; marked 402K).
Magnavox 22MF337B/27 Dead, F901 (4-amp fuse) open. Q902, D950, D951.
Panasonic TC-P42S30 Dead with 14-blink code. Q401, Q402, Q421, Q422 (all GT30F131).
Philips 42PFL3603D/27 Comes on & shuts off immediately. Q707 (FDPF7N50U).
Philips 50PFP5332D/37 Multiple images, audio ok. Main logic board.
Polaroid TLX04240B Intermittent vertical jitter plus lines. Cleaned contacts on LVDS cable.
Proscan 40LC45S No raster, backlight not lit. F101 open. Q301, Q302, Q303, Q321 (all BD9H1A).
RCA 52FHD38YX7 Intermittent loss of raster, backlight ok. Dirty contacts on LVDS cable.
Samsung HL56A650CFXZA Shuts off after on for 10 minutes. Lamp fan.
Samsung HLR5067WAX Shuts off but comes back on by itself. Main board (PN BP94-02084A).
Sansui HDLCD4212A Dead, no 5-volt standby voltage. IC3803 (VIPER28).
Sanyo DP42740 Dead, relay clicks. Standby LED not lit. Main digital board.
Sanyo DP42849 Excessive brightness. T-Con board.
Sharp LC-42SB45U Dead, fuses ok. Storm damage. IC903 (TNY277PN).
Sony KDL-40HX701 Dead with 7-blink code. IR remote board (PN A1759229A).
Toshiba 46XV645U Dead. R850 (1.8 ohms, 5W).
Viewsonic NX2232W Dead, standby LED not lit. C22 (220 mfd @ 16V) on main board.
Vizio E422VA No raster, audio ok. Backlight was lit. Reseated LVDS cable.
Westinghouse LTV-32W3HD Vertical roll after set warmed up. Reseated LVDS cable.

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