Sample Histories

The sample histories listed below have been shortened in order to present more examples.  The data in Supplement 26 are generally in more detail.

Supplement 26

Brand Model Symptom Cure
Akai DPD4225 Hundreds of colored rectangles C1312 (100 mfd @ 16V) on main board.
Dynex DX-LDVD22-10A Dead. "C28, C29 (10 pF @ 6KV), C17F, C19F (1000 mfd @ 16V)"
Element ELGFW551 "Dead, F2 (6.3-amp fuse) open. Q3 (F13NK50Z), EC2 (120 mfd @ 450V)."
Funai LF320FX4F Intermittent temporary loss of audio. IC3801 (TPA3110D2) on main board.
Hisense LTDN42V86US Dead. "C929, C933, C935, C936, C937, C938, C945."
ILO ILO32HD "Dead, red standby LED pulsates." DA10 (Y2010DN) on power supply board.
LG 42LB5600-UZ "Dead, standby LED blinked." C610 (68 mfd @ 450V; open).
LG 42LH20-UA "Dead, standby LED not lit. Fuses ok." IC501 (blown apart). See next entry.
LG 42LH20-UA Still dead after above repair. ZD504 (12-volt zener diode).
LG 60PV450-UA Very distorted video or no video. "Q211, Q212 (both FGPF4633)."
Panasonic TC-P50ST30 Dead. "Q402, Q403, Q422, Q423 (all 30F131) on ‘SC’ board."
Proscan 42LA45H "Dead, standby LED was lit." Power supply board.
RCA LED29B30RQD No remote control action. C1 (surface-mount capacitor) on IR board.
Samsung LN32A300J1D Solarized picture. U6 (AS15-G) on the T-Con board.
Samsung LN40B530P7N Dead. No Samsung “Music” came on. Main board.
Samsung LN46B550K1F "Dead, standby LED on constantly." QM853 on power supply board.
Samsung LNT4061FX/XAA Intermittent start-up. CB850 (1000 mfd @ 10V) on power supply board.
Samsung PN50B450B1D "OK momentarily, then loss of raster." Y-sustain board.
Samsung UN32EH4003F Shuts off in 3 seconds & comes back on. CN867 (47 mfd @ 160V; not bulged) on PS board.
Samsung UN50EH5300 No raster due to no backlight. Audio ok. Several defective LED’s in the backlight array.
Sharp LC-55LE620UT "Dead, no 5-volt standby voltage." "C986 (10 nF @ 1KV; exploded), R9137 (0.47 ohm, 1W)."
Sharp LC-60LE847U "Dead, w/2 long blinks & 1 short blink." D7805.
Sony KDL-46NX720 Shuts off after 3 seconds w/4 blinks. Screen panel.
Sony KDL-60EX645 "Blank, blue raster with no video." T-Con board.
Toshiba 52HL167 Dead with 3-blink code. Q880A (STRW6765) on the power supply board.
Vizio E550i-B2 "Dead, power supply voltages normal." Bad solder joints on PS connectors feeding main board.
Vizio M420SV No audio. "CE1, CE2, CE6, CE7, CE11, CE22, CE23 on main board."
Westinghouse LD-4680 "Dead, 19-volt power pack was ok." Ribbon cable shorting to ground on right side LED rail.

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