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Order Supplement 26 now!   The price is only $34.00 plus $6.65 shipping for U.S. buyers.  Maryland buyers must add $2.04 sales tax.   Payment may be made by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), Moneygram, Western Union, AuctionChex or PayPal (please call me or send me an email using my "Contact Me" page when paying via PayPal).   Please contact me for shipping charges outside the United States.  Foreign buyers please remit international postal money order in U.S. dollars.  Books are usually sent the day your order arrives.

For phone inquiries, call Mike at (410) 272-4984 or 800-2FIXTVS (valid from U.S. & Canada) from 10 AM to 8 PM (Eastern Time).

To order please send money order or check to:

Mike’s Repair Service
P.O. Box 217
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005
(same mailing address for 53+ years).

I'm also offering special prices on Supplement 24 (2015 edition) and Supplement 25 (2016 edition) while supplies last. Supplement 24 is $25 plus shipping and Supplement 25 is $30 plus shipping (Maryland buyers must add 6% sales tax). Please note that the shipping cost to U.S. destinations for one book, two books or all three books is $6.65.

Satisfaction is assured (10-day return privilege).   New buyers are automatically added to our mailing list for notification of future supplements.

Book customers also receive a list of sources for used parts, used SAMS, new factory service manuals (at a discount), and used test equipment (with no shipping charges).

For a comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date source of professional repair techniques, "insider" troubleshooting tips and manufacturers' service data for microwave ovens, contact Microtech at 800-700-8349 or visit their web site at www.gallawa.com/microwave.

For a collection of ebooks and online articles containing "Great Ideas Of Electronic Repair, Troubleshooting Tips And Secrets For Technicians And Engineers", see ElectronicRepairGuide.com (free registration required to access their material).

For scarce and obsolete spare parts, technical/service manuals for Hewlett - Packard/Tektronix/Fluke test instruments, semiconductors for industrial/military/consumer electronics, fully restored and guaranteed test and measurement instruments, broad selection of spares/PCBs and service manuals for Sony consumer electronics from 1980 and more, see Qservice Electronics.

For flat panel TV boards and parts see www.tvtechparts.com.

For phonograph needles and other phonograph-related items see www.needleguy.com. Their tech also accepts vintage stereos sent to him for repairs.